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Flag of Ethiopia - color palette

The flag of Ethiopia was created by combining three traditional colors: green, yellow and red. It has a tradition of more than a thousand years. For a long period of time, Ethiopia was the only independent country in Africa and its national colors became the colors of Africa.

The current flag design with a yellow star inscribed in a blue circle was approved on February 6, 1996, replacing the previous flag without a star.

The meaning of the various colors is variously explained. The state symbolism is as follows:

  • the color green symbolizes the fertility of the Ethiopian land
  • Yellow represents love of country
  • Red represents strength and blood shed in the fight against invaders

The colors also represent the most important parts of the country:

  • green represents the province of Shehua
  • Yellow represents the province of Amhara
  • Red represents the province of Tigray

There are other explanations for the meaning of each color on the Ethiopian flag, one of which is related to the country's Christianity:

  • the color green symbolizes the Holy Spirit
  • Yellow for God the Father
  • Red represents the Son of God

The colors also represent the main Christian virtues:

  • green - hope
  • yellow - love of neighbour
  • red - faith

The proportions of the horizontal stripes are 1:3.

The five-pointed star in the center of the flag symbolizes equality among all ethnic groups, genders, and religions in Ethiopia. The rays emanating from the star symbolize Ethiopia's bright future, while the blue background represents peace and democracy.

The main colors are:

  • #009A44
  • #FEDD00
  • #EF3340
  • #0645B1

Flag of Ethiopia hex color codes