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Articles about colors. We explain the secrets of colors. Welcome to the ColorsData.com blog.

New tool - color contrast checker

07-03-2022, posted by ColorsData Team


There is a new tool available - the Color Contrast Checker which you can use to verify whether the colors you use are user-friendly. It was prepared based on WCAG (Web Content Accessibility...

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Analogous colors

11-02-2022, posted by ColorsData Team

Analogous colors are neighboring colors on the color wheel. In the example in the image, they are 30 degrees to the left and right of the main color. Analogous color schemes are common in nature, harmonious and pleasing to the eye. Keep...

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What is a hex color code? Complete guide to hex colors

18-01-2022, posted by ColorsData Team

Hex color code (hexadecimal notation) is a very common format for representing colors in the RGB color palette. It is used in HTML, CSS and graphics programs, among others.

Hex color code notation


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Tetradic colors

11-01-2022, posted by ColorsData Team

Tetradic colors consist of four colors. They are created using any two complementary color schemes. Tetradic colors are sometimes called double complementary or rectangular - because you just place a rectangle on the color wheel to get...

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Triadic colors

29-12-2021, posted by ColorsData Team

Three colors evenly spaced apart on the color wheel. For a harmonious combination, choose one dominant color and use the other two as color elements to complement the design. All colors should be 120 degrees apart.

Examples of...

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Split complementary colors

17-12-2021, posted by ColorsData Team

Split complementary colors are a subtler version of the complementary scheme, which consists of three colors. You must choose a primary color and then choose two colors adjacent to the complementary color. On the color wheel, they are...

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Complementary colors

13-12-2021, posted by ColorsData Team

Complementary schemes are created by combining colors from opposite sides of the color wheel.

Examples of complementary color pairs in RGB space:

We're launching a blog about colors!

12-12-2021, posted by ColorsData Team


We are launching a blog today where we will be putting interesting articles for you. Colors play an extremely important role in the world we live in and can influence thinking, change actions and evoke reactions. We want...

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